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YAHOO! Is Now the Default Search Engine in Firefox; What This Means for Your Website

This week, Yahoo and Mozilla announced a five-year partnership that makes Yahoo the default search engine in Firefox. This partnership will begin to roll out in December and become the standard for all desktop and mobile Firefox users by the beginning of 2015.

In a statement from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, the company emphasized its …

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Bing Predicts Misses in NFL Week 11; Looking Ahead to Week 12

Bing Predicts just had its worst NFL performance since Week 4. With an 8-6 record during Week 11, the search engine looked vulnerable and missed on several big games. Still, Bing looks good overall on the season with a 105-56 record, putting it well above the goal of “getting the majority of the games” correct.

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Search Engine Guide to Election Day

If you’ve ever skipped out on voting because you couldn’t figure out where your polling place was or because you didn’t know what issues were on the ballot, then you don’t have any more excuses. Thanks to the search engines, Election Day is now easier than ever. Here is your quick Search Engine guide to …

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SEO Isn’t Dead, but These 9 Tactics Are

The term “SEO” triggers many emotions. For some business owners, it is the bane of their existence. They blame SEO for lost rankings, lost customers, lost streams of revenues. Other business owners delight in the term, proclaiming they owe it all to the Google.

Search engine optimization is still wholly misunderstood, even almost 20 years …

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Did Penguin 3.0 Affect Your Site? Here’s How to Find Out

This past weekend, Google officially released the latest Penguin update. This version of Penguin, currently dubbed Penguin 3.0 by the SEO world, is the search engine giant’s latest attempt to fight against websites that use spammy techniques to give themselves an artificial boost in the rankings.

Early reports indicate Penguin 3.0 is both a data …

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