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Should You Make the HTTPS Switch in 2015? Might As Well Flip a Coin

Back in August, Google officially announced that HTTPS was becoming a ranking signal. The move was intended to stress the importance of security—something that continues to be a major problem on the web. Many website owners and SEOs panicked and rushed to buy an SSL certificate even though Google said it was a lightweight signal …

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What Does Mobile Friendly Really Mean? Four Things You Need to Know

You might be tired of hearing about the mobile revolution, but it’s undeniably here to stay. That means you need to make sure your website really is mobile friendly. Of course, to do that, you need to figure out what mobile friendly actually means.

There are plenty of reasons why you need to go mobile. …

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Bing Predicts Misses on Key Matchups in NFL Week 13, Looks to Score Big in Week 14

Despite missing several key games in NFL Week 13, Bing Predicts had another successful week. With a 10-6 record this past week, the prediction engine is now 126-66 on the season. This 65.6% success rate is well above Bing’s goal of getting the majority of the games correct.

Bing Predicts Week 13 Recap

Week 13 …

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Bing Predicts Looks Good in NFL Week 12, Makes Bold Predictions for Week 13

After struggling in Week 11, Bing Predicts came back with a strong showing in Week 12. The search engine had an 11-4 record this week, putting it 116-60 overall this season. Bing’s 65.9% accuracy puts it well ahead of its goal to get the majority of the games correct.

Bing Predicts Week 12 Recap

As …

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YAHOO! Is Now the Default Search Engine in Firefox; What This Means for Your Website

This week, Yahoo and Mozilla announced a five-year partnership that makes Yahoo the default search engine in Firefox. This partnership will begin to roll out in December and become the standard for all desktop and mobile Firefox users by the beginning of 2015.

In a statement from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, the company emphasized its …

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