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5 Names Better than the “Pigeon” Update for Google’s New Local Algorithm

When Google released a major update to its local algorithm on July 24th, the folks over at Search Engine Land were quick to call it the Pigeon Update. While we certainly understand the potential reasoning for such a name, we think they could have done a lot better. With Google’s Hummingbird update still fresh in …

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Google Adds Sports Highlights to Search Results

Right in the heart of the NHL and NBA playoff seasons, Google has unleashed a new feature that puts game highlights front and center in the search results.

When you Google your favorite sports team, you’re probably used to seeing their upcoming schedule, recent results, team roster, and more at the top of the search …

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Bing’s Crystal Ball?

Bing is taking a crack at fortune telling – at least when it comes to reality shows that are driven by public voting.

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First Scribe Achieves Google Partner Status

As part of our ongoing effort to offer top-notch Adwords services, First Scribe has taken the steps to become a Google Partner.  The Partners program will eventually replace Google Engage for Agencies, and is a collection of the best and most trusted AdWords management and consulting firms.  Many of the membership requirements carry over, but …

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Keyword Googlemageddon

On Sept. 24, Google officially announced a change in the way it provides information to website owners and marketers. Some people are describing this as Google physically “closing doors” for everyone. My response, everyone take a deep breath and read this blog!

Like most information, once it hits the 24 hour news cycle, suddenly …

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