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First Scribe Achieves Google Partner Status

As part of our ongoing effort to offer top-notch Adwords services, First Scribe has taken the steps to become a Google Partner.  The Partners program will eventually replace Google Engage for Agencies, and is a collection of the best and most trusted AdWords management and consulting firms.  Many of the membership requirements carry over, but …

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Keyword Googlemageddon

On Sept. 24, Google officially announced a change in the way it provides information to website owners and marketers. Some people are describing this as Google physically “closing doors” for everyone. My response, everyone take a deep breath and read this blog!

Like most information, once it hits the 24 hour news cycle, suddenly …

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Google’s Databoard for Research Insights

Google has created a handy infographic creating tool for everyone to use. Currently, all the data focuses on the growth of mobile search, which is admittedly, a very hot topic right now.

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A Call to Action in Action

A clear call to action is a vital part of any hardworking website.  But it isn’t always given proper consideration in the design process.  Aesthetics, branding and basic function drive the look and feel of a website through its creation.  As soon as that site launches, however, it had better start working for you.

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Knowledge Graph and Semantic Searching

We’ve all done it. We’ve all gone down the Google search wormhole. You know, the sudden desire to check movie times for your local theater that invariably shifts into an in-depth search campaign on the formative years of your favorite movie’s key grip. Or is that just me?

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