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Should We Be Blogging on Our Business Website? Internet Marketing Mysteries

So you’re thinking about starting a blog on your business website. That’s great. After all, every site needs a blog, right?

Not so fast. Blogging is not a universal need for all businesses. The answer, like almost everything related to the internet, depends.

In general, a blog can potentially have a positive impact on your …

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Your 5-Minute Guide to New Google Business Photos

Earlier this week, Google announced it was making more changes to Google Business pages. In particular, the search engine is giving business owners more control over their photos (as well as some friendly advice).

This is long overdue. In the past, you could choose your profile photo and your cover image. Other than that, you …

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10 Signs the Unsolicited Email You Just Got About SEO Is Probably a Scam

If you own a website, you undoubtedly have gotten more than a handful of offers from SEO companies hoping to sell you their services. Not that they’re trying to sell you something, of course. No, they’re trying to double, triple, quadruple your business! And they’re going to do it for rock bottom prices! What a …

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Why Aren’t We Ranking for [Insert Keyword Here]? Internet Marketing Mysteries

Even though it’s 2015 and the search engines rely so heavily on intuitive and personalized search, many website owners are still obsessed with keyword rankings. You can’t really blame them. Having your site at the top of the rankings for a “money” keyword can bring in a lot of traffic. Whether or not that is …

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely Only On Google Analytics

Everyone loves Google Analytics for two obvious reasons:

It’s free. It’s easy.

What could be better, right? Add in the fact that it does a pretty darn good job collecting data, and it seems like the perfect tool for every website. Just sign up, throw the code on your website, and rest easy while the …

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