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NFL Week 1 Results: How Did Bing’s Prediction Engine Do?

Based on Week 1, it looks like Microsoft Bing (along with its Cortana app for Windows Phone users) might be able to sneak into the playoffs this year, at least as a wildcard team.

Microsoft’s search engine revealed last week that it would be predicting the outcomes of NFL games all season, and they backed …

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Bing Predicts NFL Results, Opens Season with a Win

On Thursday night, the Seattle Seahawks did exactly what Microsoft’s Bing said they would do. The defending Super Bowl champs officially opened the 2014 NFL season by easily defeating the Cheeseheads 36-16, giving Bing a perfect record so far this season.

Earlier this week, Bing announced its predictions for Week 1 of the NFL season, …

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Google Retires Authorship: A Tribute to One of the Greats

On August 28th, Google’s John Mueller announced via his Google+ page that Google was effectively retiring its Authorship program.

Back in June, Mueller made a similar announcement when he revealed that author photos were being removed from search results. He cited mobile user experience as the driving force behind this change, acknowledging that author photos …

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5 Content Lessons Your Business Can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you live in a volcano, you’ve probably heard of the ice bucket challenge (and if you do live in a volcano, it could probably do you some good). What you may not have thought about is what the ice bucket challenge can teach you about your marketing campaign.

Just in case you don’t know …

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Google Uses HTTPS as a Ranking Signal: Do You Need to Switch Now?

In a rare moment of transparency, Google announced last week that it would begin using HTTPS as a ranking signal in the search results (be careful: their official announcement doesn’t use HTTPS).

This change shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. Google made it clear a few months ago that they want to help create a …

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