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Can I Turn Off Paid Ads Once the SEO Starts Working? Internet Marketing Mysteries

In the battle of paid versus organic, which side are you on?

There’s a common misconception in the world of internet marketing that paid advertising and SEO are rivals. Many website owners believe Google AdWords, PPC, and other forms of digital ads are just temporary solutions while they wait for the SEO to “kick …

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Can My Competitors Click Me Out of Business? Internet Marketing Mysteries

Nearly every business out there has a rival. Some of these rivalries are much more cutthroat than others. Some competitor rivalries even lead to suspicion of sabotage.

One of the top questions we hear when preparing a new Google Adwords campaign is, “What if my competition tries to click me out of business?”

Is …

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First Scribe Achieves Google Partner Status

As part of our ongoing effort to offer top-notch Adwords services, First Scribe has taken the steps to become a Google Partner.  The Partners program will eventually replace Google Engage for Agencies, and is a collection of the best and most trusted AdWords management and consulting firms.  Many of the membership requirements carry over, but …

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Now Hiring: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist Needed

First Scribe has been developing and optimizing websites for over 16 years and is currently looking for a new Search Engine Marketing Specialist to add to our team. If you were to join our team you would receive:

A diverse range of projects and customers from small to Fortune 500 Salary plus full medical and …

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Google AdWords Phishing Scam

Today we received an email explaining that our Google Ads had been stopped. This is the exact copy from the email:

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

We had encountered a number of issues when reviewing your ads this morning and we stopped running them. We will review them again and make the necessary changes that will allow …

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