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Did Penguin 3.0 Affect Your Site? Here’s How to Find Out

This past weekend, Google officially released the latest Penguin update. This version of Penguin, currently dubbed Penguin 3.0 by the SEO world, is the search engine giant’s latest attempt to fight against websites that use spammy techniques to give themselves an artificial boost in the rankings.

Early reports indicate Penguin 3.0 is both a data …

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Keyword Googlemageddon

On Sept. 24, Google officially announced a change in the way it provides information to website owners and marketers. Some people are describing this as Google physically “closing doors” for everyone. My response, everyone take a deep breath and read this blog!

Like most information, once it hits the 24 hour news cycle, suddenly …

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A Call to Action in Action

A clear call to action is a vital part of any hardworking website.  But it isn’t always given proper consideration in the design process.  Aesthetics, branding and basic function drive the look and feel of a website through its creation.  As soon as that site launches, however, it had better start working for you.

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Web Presence Optimization Cycle


I came across the Web Presence Optimization Hierarchy on Search Engine Watch the other day and found it interesting. The pyramid shared some similarities to how we work at First Scribe but it wasn’t completely accurate. Since it didn’t match what we do here at First Scribe I decided to make a version …

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First Scribe in Google Analytics “Real Time” Beta

For those of you who have read a blog post or two from me, you’ll know that I’m a Google nut. That’s why I’m excited to announce that First Scribe was accepted into the Google Analytics “Real Time” Beta test today.

In the past, the web-based Google Analytics application was pretty good about updating data …

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