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Creating a Call-to-Action for Your Facebook Business Page

What if you could use your Facebook page to help your business? If only you could increase newsletter sign ups, bring in more leads, or get more people to your store through your Facebook page…

Well, today just might be your lucky day. Enter the Facebook “Call-to-Action”:

Yes, that’s right. Facebook is offering a free tool …

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Why Am I Seeing More Referral Traffic? Internet Marketing Mysteries

Referral traffic can be a wonderful thing. What could be more exciting than knowing people are not only linking to your site, but they are actually sending traffic your way?

Before you get too excited about an increase in referral traffic, there’s something you need to know. As with all things related to the …

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Bing Correctly Predicts Super Bowl Matchup, Still Favors Patriots to Win

In a wild NFL Conference Championship weekend (well, half of it was wild), Bing Predicts accurately picked both winners. Now Bing has a tough call to make in the Patriots-Seahawks showdown that will take place when Super Bowl XLIX kicks off on February 1st.

Bing Predicts Beats the Odds, Sort Of

Headed into the Conference …

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What Exactly Is Direct Traffic? Intenet Marketing Mysteries

One of the most common questions I hear after a client sees a website analytics report for the first time is, “What is Direct Traffic?” It sounds like a simple question with a straightforward answer, but it’s actually much more complicated than that.

In Google Analytics, you can find your Direct Traffic by going to …

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Bing Predicts Consistent in NFL Divisional Playoffs, Things Look Hazy for Conference Championships

For the second consecutive week, Bing Predicts correctly picked 3 of 4 NFL playoff winners, missing only the Colts-Broncos matchup. Heading into the Conference Championship games, Bing is now 6-2 during the playoffs after going 169-87 during the regular season.

Bing Predicts Divisional Playoffs Recap

Bing headed into Divisional Weekend with quite a bit …

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