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Should You Make the HTTPS Switch in 2015? Might As Well Flip a Coin

Back in August, Google officially announced that HTTPS was becoming a ranking signal. The move was intended to stress the importance of security—something that continues to be a major problem on the web. Many website owners and SEOs panicked and rushed to buy an SSL certificate even though Google said it was a lightweight signal …

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Bing Predicts Dominates in NFL Week 15, Looks to Win Big Again in Week 16

Just when you may have thought Bing Predicts had run its course, the prediction engine proved it’s still as relevant as ever. In NFL Week 15, Bing pumped out its second best week ever, earning a 13-3 record. This is bested only by Week 5′s 13-2 performance. Bing is now 148-76 on the season, a …

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Facebook Introduces Free Organic Targeting for All Pages

During the past few years, we’ve seen the organic reach of Facebook pages plummet. Finally, it looks like there is some relief. And Facebook is giving it to us for free.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced two new publisher tools that are immediately available to all Page owners: Interest Targeting and Post End Date.

Before …

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What Does Mobile Friendly Really Mean? Four Things You Need to Know

You might be tired of hearing about the mobile revolution, but it’s undeniably here to stay. That means you need to make sure your website really is mobile friendly. Of course, to do that, you need to figure out what mobile friendly actually means.

There are plenty of reasons why you need to go mobile. …

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Bing Predicts Barely Squeaks By in NFL Week 14, Looks Confident in Week 15

With just three weeks left in the NFL regular season, it’s crunch time for a lot of teams. Bing Predicts is also feeling the pressure, especially after a 9-7 showing in Week 14. This was the worst week for the search engine since an abysmal 5-8 performance in Week 4. Is Bing on the verge …

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