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How to Add Editable Areas to Exported MailChimp Templates

If you’ve tried recently exporting a MailChimp template you’ve been greeted with this alert. It’s a shame, but a necessary change since MailChimp decided to make editing templates super easy.

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Google Uses HTTPS as a Ranking Signal: Do You Need to Switch Now?

In a rare moment of transparency, Google announced last week that it would begin using HTTPS as a ranking signal in the search results (be careful: their official announcement doesn’t use HTTPS).

This change shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. Google made it clear a few months ago that they want to help create a …

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Google Removes Author Stats. Is the Death of Authorship Next?

Last night when I logged into Google Webmaster Tools to see how many millions of impressions my Google authorship articles had received lately, I was in for a big surprise. My stats were gone!

That’s right. Author stats are no longer available at all through Google Webmaster Tools. We used to be able to see …

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5 Names Better than the “Pigeon” Update for Google’s New Local Algorithm

When Google released a major update to its local algorithm on July 24th, the folks over at Search Engine Land were quick to call it the Pigeon Update. While we certainly understand the potential reasoning for such a name, we think they could have done a lot better. With Google’s Hummingbird update still fresh in …

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Say Goodbye to Author Photos (And Your Little Dog Too)

Remember all those hours you spent adding Google Authorship to your posts so you could get your picture in the search results? Well, the latest announcement from Google’s John Mueller will have a big impact on those efforts.

Adding Google Authorship to a website or blog has become a best practice in the world of …

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