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Bing Predicts NFL Week 8 Analysis and Week 9 Preview

Bing Predicts lost a bit of steam in NFL Week 8. After an impressive three-week run with a combined accuracy of almost 78%, the search engine was only 10-5 on its football predictions this week.

While 10-5 is still a solid showing—and just as good as any similar predictive model—our expectations for the prediction machine …

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8 Signs You Need a Website Redesign

In 1997, the film Titanic blew the world away with its touching love story and incredible special effects. If you were lucky enough to see it in the theater, you surely felt like you were sinking along with Kate and Leo. Put simply, it was a gripping and phenomenal visual experience using state-of-the-art techniques.

Or …

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Bing Predicts is on a Roll; Looking Ahead to NFL Week 8

Just a few weeks ago, Bing Predicts looked like it was in trouble. After a pathetic 5-8 record in NFL Week 4, most people were ready to write off the prediction engine as a failed experiment. Since then, Bing has dominated. After a second-straight 11-4 performance in Week 7, Bing has successfully predicted 78% of …

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Did Penguin 3.0 Affect Your Site? Here’s How to Find Out

This past weekend, Google officially released the latest Penguin update. This version of Penguin, currently dubbed Penguin 3.0 by the SEO world, is the search engine giant’s latest attempt to fight against websites that use spammy techniques to give themselves an artificial boost in the rankings.

Early reports indicate Penguin 3.0 is both a data …

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Bing Predicts Rolls in NFL Week 6, “Predicting the Predictions” in Week 7

Bing just proved Week 5 was no fluke.

After going 13-2 in Week 5, the search engine pumped out its second best round of predictions during Week 6. With an impressive 11-4 performance (for the record, I count the Bengals/Panthers tie as a loss for Bing since it did not correctly predict the outcome of the game), …

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