Digital Advertising (PPC)

Digital Advertising (PPC)

Three big myths dominate the world of pay-per-click (PPC) and digital advertising. And frankly, it’s time to blow them up.

01 Myth

“PPC just means Google AdWords, those paid ads I see in Google results.”
Search ads are important, but true PPC covers a lot more—including remarketing, display ads, comparison shopping engines and video ads.

O2 Myth

“PPC is best measured in click-through rates.”
Using click-throughs as a metric is a little like evaluating an Olympic track runner’s performance by how many steps he took instead of how fast he ran compared to everyone else in the race. First Scribe uses business metrics like leads, conversions, revenues and ROI—not soft metrics like clicks and impressions.

03 Myth

“We tried PPC and it didn’t work, so it must not be right for us.”
If your previous digital advertising campaign was unsuccessful, then chances are it simply wasn’t done right. First Scribe executes digital advertising campaigns geared to make every dollar work, not just cost you more of them by generating useless clicks. As a Google AdWords Partner, we are dedicated to staying up to date with the very latest technologies and best practices.

Even if a website shows up on the first page of Google's non-paid results, running ads for that keyword in addition to the organic listing can increase total search traffic by up to 96%.


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