Digital Advertising (PPC)

Remarketing with Display Ads

Few people see the potential effectiveness of display ads for their business—mostly because they find banner ads annoying. But display ads can still work. No, they’re not always effective for earning immediate clicks and purchases. But they can work as remarketing tools if your product or service has a longer sales cycle.

Keeping You Top Of Mind

What’s “remarketing”? It’s a fancy word for keeping your product in front of people who’ve already shown an interest in it. For example, if someone researches a product on your site—maybe even places it in a cart and then abandons it—you can make sure they keep seeing display ads with that product when they visit other sites, including your competitors’ sites. This can keep you “top of mind” until that consumer finally does make a purchase.

Website visitors who have been retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.


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