Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social media is too often seen in extremes. Extreme advocates think every CPA firm needs an Instagram account. Extreme skeptics still think all social media is a waste of time.

First Scribe Goes Radical

First Scribe does something radical: We take a “Smart Social” approach that lives in the business-savvy middle ground. We actually look at your industry, business goals, products and key audiences to develop a social media strategy that optimizes what works and ignores what doesn’t. (How “Midwest” is that?)

Straight Talk

We’ll give you the straight talk on which social media tools have a proven return on investment and which are flashes in the pan that your customers will never use. We will develop a smart social media strategy that supports your SEO and content marketing efforts—all in the bigger effort to help you better interact with your customers and bring more business to your door.

Nearly 20% of the world's population logs into Facebook at least once a month.


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