Web Analytics

Adobe Analytics

Adobe offers the most robust analytics tools in the industry, and they don’t give it to just anyone.

First Scribe is one of the rare web agencies with internet marketing professionals fully certified in Adobe Analytics—giving you the benefit of access to better, more actionable information than your competitors. And at a price that’s far more affordable than if you bought it on your own.

Fully Tailored

Not only does Adobe Analytics give you the most accurate and useful data, it’s also extremely customizable. So when you work with First Scribe, your web analytics implementation and reporting are fully tailored. Best of all, we speak data. Our analytics team is here to translate it all for you, provide regular reporting and recommend the best improvements to keep you on top.

Bottom Line

Bottom line: Whether you’re a large, mid-size or small business, Adobe Analytics gives you the most actionable data to continually improve your business. And no one can make it work better for you than the professionals at First Scribe.

Adobe Analytics has a leading 41% market share of enterprise analytics customers.


Contact First Scribe today to learn more about how Adobe Analytics can keep your website at peak performance—and your business well ahead of your competition.