Web Analytics

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website is never done. In lead generation and especially eCommerce, your site isn’t a “thing”; it’s a process of continuous conversion rate optimization. So while other web agencies might build you a nice site and throw some data your way to show how well it’s working, our approach is a much different. We’re always looking at tools like Adobe Analytics to anticipate consumers’ behavior and meet their needs better than your competition.

A New Benchmark

How can you get more leads, orders, bigger basket sizes, and email address to download that white paper? Working with First Scribe means committing to constant testing, tweaking and measuring, a belief in facts instead of opinions, and seeing each successful improvement not as a victory, but as a new benchmark.

The benefit to this approach: You always know you made the right decision, you’re always pushing the web to its full potential, and your business is always getting better.


30-40% of people who add items to shopping carts are doing so to express product interest, not a commitment to buy.

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