Web Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics remains hugely popular, and for good reason. It’s free. It can be used across different devices. And it’s easy to customize both data collection and reporting for your site. It can also link data from Adwords and other Google products. And for eCommerce, it allows you to track transactions and find out where your conversions are coming from. 

Google Certified

First Scribe’s Internet Marketing Specialists are certified in Google Analytics. And we make a point of going beyond the basics to set up sophisticated tracking of events, goals and eCommerce activities. We can use Google Analytics to track completed forms, email signups and other activities that ultimately influence your business success. 

We strongly recommend using Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics together for a robust analytics suite. In addition to complementing each other, they back each other up and provide useful checks and balances on each other’s data.

About 60% of the world top 10,000 websites use Google Analytics.


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