Web Analytics

Website ROI Measurement

Sales wants to know how your eCommerce website is performing. Operations wants to know what you sold, which products are most popular, what’s in fulfillment and where your inventory stands. Marketing wants to know the ROI for your internet marketing efforts and which messages work better for returning buyers vs. new customers.

True Performance

Any internet marketing firm can look at the closure rate of your offline leads and loop them back into marketing channels. Thanks to tools like Adobe Analytics, First Scribe can tell you how your site is truly performing: exactly where your customers come from, what they’re buying, if they’re repeat visitors, if they use coupons or discounts, what they love and hate about your site, and what keeps them coming back (or staying away).

Anyone can show you numbers. We can show you the ones that matter—and tell you what they mean.

75% of small businesses still don't use any analytics tools to measure their websites' performance.


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