Sarah Klosterbuer
Sarah Klosterbuer
Digital Marketing Director

Some people think “Internet marketing” means “Google.” Sarah knows it’s broader than that. Some people think coming up first in search rankings is all that matters. Sarah knows it’s more complicated than that. Some people think “analytics” comes down to “hits and clicks.” Sarah knows it’s bigger than that.

As First Scribe’s internet marketing director, Sarah has a deeper understanding of what Internet marketing is—and how to make it work for your business—than anyone else you’ll meet. Seriously, it’s like “Klosterbuer” is German for “marketing virtuoso.”

Try to stump Sarah with an Internet marketing question. Go ahead, we dare you.

The web is full of misconceptions, half-truths and bold-faced lies about internet marketing, and it can be overwhelming to attempt to translate them into a strategy that’s right for your business. We feel a responsibility to cut through the noise and deliver results that actually impact our clients’ business success. We see our clients as partners and ourselves as extensions of their team.

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