"Facebook for Businesses"

Facebook announced yesterday that they launched “Facebook for Businesses” which is a platform that offers users an easier avenue for marketing on Facebook. It’s important today that business have a strong social media presence, however in the past they weren’t quite sure how to create that presence. With this new Facebook tool businesses can now begin to track their progress and create more awareness on their product or service.

What Facebook for Businesses Focuses On:


  • Page Setup - How to set up your page with photos, information, wall posts, and even applications.
  • Create a page strategy – Here you can set up page goals, share exclusive content and create a conversation calendar to help you remember when, where and what to post.
  • Build Your Community – Helps you use what you have with Facebook ads and sponsored stories. You also can get their “like” button directly on your website through this tool.
  • Learn & Grow – This is almost like a Facebook Analytics. You can see how your page is performing through what day of the week is most popular, how often people comment, which posts are most engaging, and how to improve your page strategy.


  • Design an Ad – Here you can create multiple versions of your ads with different images and content to create ads that are both relevant and effective.
  • Manage Your Budget – Pick either cost-per-click or cost-per-impression and set a daily budget based off how your page is performing.
  • Review and Improve – Here you can check to see how your ads are performing and then make adjustments from there.

Sponsored Stories

  • Sponsored stories increase visibility of the stories you create by surfacing them on the right column of Facebook pages.
  • Choose a Story Type – Your Page, Place, Domain, or App/Game.
  • Set Up Your Budget – Here you can set your daily spend and target your targeting criteria.

Main Platform

  • Build Engaging Apps
  • Make Your Site Social – Take advantage of the social plugins that Facebook offers like that Like button and Login button.
  • Mobile Solutions – Here you can create a personalized mobile experience.

Overall Facebook for Businesses seems to be an easier, more manageable way to create a business Facebook page. The ability to make more customizations to your page brings the possibility to attract new customers. Also, and probably the most important aspect of this tool, is the ability to track your visitors to find out what adjustments need to be made to your page so in the end you are seeing a return on your investment.

At First Scribe not only can we help our clients build a strong online social media presence through “Facebook for Businesses” but we also have some of our own tracking techniques that ensure you are getting the most from your social media marketing strategies.

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