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Today I discovered Facebook's Friendsheet. Basically, it's a complete ripoff of Pinterest but with very little thought and effort put into it. Normally, I don't get too peeved about copycat sites because they happen all the time but it's such a terrible attempt that I can't comprehend why it was even launched.

The little time I spent on Friendsheet left me irritated and shaking my head. All I experienced were images of my friends and images from pages I liked in a Pinterest looking format. You have the ability to like and share posts to your wall but your posts don't get shared to your outside network like Pinterest. You also don't have the ability to sort

While I was reading Jessica Miller-Merrell's article about Friensheet she made a fantastic point about how Facebook had tried to copy geotagging in 2010 with Facebook places and Living Social/Groupon later with Facebook deals. Naturally, these copycats faded because much time wasn't spent with them and people were using the companies that started the whole craze and that's exactly why I can't see Friendsheet taking off at all.

I feel like Facebook just said, "Well, let's try to make something like Pinterest and if it works awesome, otherwise, whatever." I guess time will tell if this truly is a failure.

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