First Scribe in Google Analytics "Real Time" Beta

For those of you who have read a blog post or two from me, you'll know that I'm a Google nut. That's why I'm excited to announce that First Scribe was accepted into the Google Analytics "Real Time" Beta test today.

In the past, the web-based Google Analytics application was pretty good about updating data at a decent pace - hit refresh, maybe see traffic numbers go up or down. Now, for the first time, we can log into an account and actually *watch* traffic come into the site. Not only can we see the traffic numbers fluctuate in real-time (per second!), but we can also see what pages people are looking at, whether they're returning or new viewers, what part of the world they're viewing from, and what keywords they used to get there.

This new tool will allow us to look at our clients' site traffic data in a whole new way. I'm stoked.

In fact, I'm going to submit this blog post, blast it all over the social media scene, open up Google Analytics, and watch the traffic come in. I can't wait.

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