Giving Up Privacy for Your Social Rank

AdAge wrote an article about a social ranking tool called Swaylo, however, Swaylo isn't as straight forward as similar tools like Klout.

When you sign up for Swaylo you opt in to give them access to the majority of your Facebook information and you all them access to all of your friend's Facebook information. What I find astonishing is 6.2 million people have signed up for this application and haven't made a fuss about having their information shared with marketers.

We've seen Google and Facebook tweak their privacy policies for the better and people are in a fit but when people opt-in to Swaylo they don't care. Is it because they don't care about being monitored or they just didn't read the fine print? My assumption is the latter.

I believe most were curious to try the new app, saw their rank and then left the app installed because they didn't know it was tracking their moves and their friends.

Another piece I found interesting was how Swaylo doesn't even hide the fact they are using your information for marketing purposes:

"What if, instead of a brand telling you what you like, that brand was actually able to know what you and people like you like? Swaylo aims to take the ‘they' out of the marketing formula. Your data makes this possible!"

Nice try Swaylo, but your well crafted paragraph isn't fooling this guy.

Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with Swaylo if it was only data mining the users who opted-in, but, they crossed the line by grabbing data from people associated with you. As a friend of a Swaylo user you aren't made aware that your friend's new app is now tracking you nor do you even have the option to block the service. How fair is that?!

Hopefully, word will travel about Swaylo tracking information from people who aren't technically opted-in and they will allow an option to block.

Furthermore, I would say people looking to add the Swaylo app should be wary if they don't want to have their data used for marketing and marketers should look at this app more because it could potentially deliver some useful data about your target audience and help grow your brand awareness.

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