Google Maps Now Indoors

Google maps updated today and now you're able to track your movements inside select malls, retailers and airports. If you're interested, you can play with the application before you try it on your Android phone.

The new addition seems like it could be helpful, like finding bathrooms and navigating those congested airport terminals, but it isĀ also a bit creepy. Personally, I don't want Google knowing what places I'm shopping at or where I am traveling to. I understand Google is trying to make our lives simpler but I don't want Google to know everything that I do.

Google recently started encrypting searches when you are logged in so marketers couldn't see what keywords you were using to find certain sites, however, Google does allow you to see the keywords people use when they click on a paid search link. With that said, what's stopping them from allowing companies to see what stores you are visiting or what places you are traveling to? On top of that, what's stopping them from using that information to alter search results?

This all may be a bit alarmist but with Google's history of privacy issues it makes you wonder where they will draw the line on what data they will collect and potentially use.

Google Maps Indoors - Mall of America