Google Music Officially Launched

Google Music has officially launched and I am interested to see what kind of competition it creates with Apple's iTunes Match. I have been using the Google Music Beta since May and I have to say I've loved every minute of it. Critics are saying that Google entered the online music arena too late and I agree, but, they missed one point.

As we know, iTunes is by far the #1 choice for legally downloading music and has been for a while, however, Google has capitalized on a niche that nobody seemed to notice; storing and accessing your music in the cloud.

Google has created a solution that I feel will be very hard to beat because it's simple to use, has options to share music with your friends and most importantly it's free.

I believe making the program free to use was the greatest move Google could have made towards becoming a large player in the online music business because it allows them to quickly gain users which in turn can lead to sales in the store.

It will be interesting to see if Google Music can cut into iTunes's business or if it will fizzle away like the buzz for Google+. My prediction is Google wins the battle for cloud music storage but iTunes remains the number one place to download your music.

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