Hosting only crashes when you need it

This is a simple topic, requiring few words of note.

All things considered, we charge a fair amount for hosting with First Scribe.  It's not the lowest cost you will find on the Internet and (we think) this is for good reason.

Our ecommerce sites are all located on immense virtual servers in the cloud.  Completely and utterly over-engineered with fail-over, replication, and load-balancing.

Who cares?

We sweat the small stuff so that our sites stay available during a peak, rush, sale, weekend, blue moon:

Screen shot of Hilfiger error


This is not to pick on the ecommerce folks at Tommy Hilfiger.  They are a former client and have proven to be truly good people over our relationship.  In fact, we saw this error because we were invited to a "Friends & Family" spot sale and the site crashed during our visit.

Furthermore, this is not to say that the Tommy Hilfiger folks didn't do all they could to dedicate resources to the site.  They probably have a robust hosting infrastructure with lots of whatever, and plenty of blah, blah, blah.

But it wasn't enough and that is all.  Do not expect people to return when it fails.

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