iPhone 4 Having (First) Issues

I was about to say that it is entirely possible that people are making too big a stink about the recent antenna issues with the iPhone 4...  All the phone requires is a simple bumper around the case to keep your hand from leeching phone reception.  I didn't think it was a big deal until I see that Apple doesn't have enough bumpers to go around.

iPhone's First Loss

It boils down to the simple fact that this is the iPhone's first real loss at launch time.  Granted, the folks at Apple choose not to support Flash animation and that makes for issues with web design.  Also granted, the AT&T mobile network is not the best (personal opinion).  But iPhone users around the country have grown accustomed to the limitations. 

Finally, here we have a verifiable problem with the launch of an iPhone release.  Finally, the iPhone pundits have ammunition!

The Perfect Storm!

So the pundits have something to bark about and all Steve Jobs needs to do is provide a fix.  The fix lives within a rubber bumper that stretches around the phone case.  Give them away and the world is a better place.

Unfortunately, they don't have enough to go around...  Good luck with the press!

I'm glad I got the Android HTC Evo.

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