Local High School Student Uses Web Design Knowledge to Excel at DECA Competition

At First Scribe, we're serious about developing long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients and the Minneapolis community as a whole. We get to know our clients, and we view them as real people with real businesses that matter. So when the son of one of our clients contacted us for help on his DECA Professional Selling Project, we were thrilled to help. 

Brad Juaire, First Scribe's Client Engagement Director, sat down with local high school student Carl Arps and provided a wealth of information regarding the web design industry. Over the course of a few hours, Brad and Carl discussed First Scribe's web design process and selling methodology. Carl took this knowledge and applied it to his DECA project for the Minnesota state competition. Using his experience with First Scribe as a guiding force, Carl took 3rd place at the state competition and qualified for the international competition in Nashville, Tennessee.

local high school student succeeds with web design project

The First Scribe team was thrilled to learn about Carl's success, and we wanted to get to know a little more about his process. Carl took some time out of his exciting and busy schedule to chat with us about his experience. Here's what he had to say:

First Scribe: Why did you choose web design as your industry for this year's competition?

Carl: I chose web design because technology in business and specifically web design is something that really interests me. For last year’s DECA, a partner and I designed a non-functionable math scanning application for an entrepreneurship event, and this year I really wanted to focus on the business behind web design as I recognize the pivotal role having a high quality website plays when it comes to a brand’s image and credibility. 

FS: You spoke at length with our client engagement director, Brad Juaire. What is the most important lesson about a web design business that you learned from Brad?

Carl: When I met with Brad before I had major progress on my project, he taught me numerous useful things about First Scribe’s services and values. The concept I learned that really stuck out to me the most and helped shape my presentation, is that you have nothing without the client themselves. Understanding your client’s unique specific needs and tailoring your services to those specific needs is of the utmost importance, and is something that gave me a competitive advantage over my competitors when it came down to who moves on to internationals and who doesn’t. 

FS: What's the most interesting thing you learned about the web design industry during the course of your preparation for the competition?

Carl: The most interesting thing I learned about the web design industry when conducting my research is simply all of the coinciding elements of web design that go much further than simply the website itself, such as distinct individual marketing efforts and analytics platforms which give clients the tools they need.

FS: Do you plan to pursue web design or a similar industry in the future?

Carl: I would love to pursue web design in the future, maybe not necessarily as much from the actual design side of things, but I would love to get involved in the customer relations or general business side of things that goes on behind the scenes. I have a passion for business and coming up with innovative ideas and I knew the second I started reading the information on your website that First Scribe was going to be the company I would choose. 

Brad and the rest of the First Scribe team were honored that Carl approached us for this project, and we are very proud of his accomplishments. Carl, we wish you the best of luck on all your future pursuits (even if they aren't in web design!). 

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