The Internet is Not All Serious Business.

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..."

Chances are, if you have heard those lyrics in the last couple years you have either:

A) terrible taste in music


B) been "Rick rolled" by one of your family, friends or co-workers

The internet has given us a lot of things over the last 15+ years, leaps and bounds (and crashes) in e-commerce, an immediate way to find any current event, about 3 square feet of space where your encyclopedia books used to sit and things you don't want your children to see.  But one area not to be overlooked is internet humor.

Rick Astley's 1987 hit song is just one well known example of the many internet memes that seem to pop up all over the internet, sometimes when you least expect it.  They come in all forms: viral videos, images, catch phrases, running gags, etc.  Even if you aren't aware of them you have likely seen them without recognizing them.  However, considering all the time you spend on the internet, you are doing yourself a great disservice in not finding them.  The Internet is not all serious business.

Not only will these internet memes be a time trap and provide hours upon hours of enjoyment, they just might be good for business too. They can act as an ice breaker in a dreaded meeting. Or perhaps you need to show some street internet cred to instill trust in a client. Or, if you really want to use your head, you may find a popular meme that is relevant to your business and find a killer advertising idea that you can "borrow". At the very least you can use them to gather some free information as to what people think is funny. Of course not all memes will be work appropriate. Plenty of memes that, while still hilarious, could probably get you fired, so common sense is necessary when using/viewing internet memes at work.

There is so much comedic genius coming out of nowhere and with continuing exposure to memes, comedy is one area where the internet is sure to expand forever which means the number of ideas to improve your business on a small or large scale are increasing as well. Take some time this weekend to do some exploring, I have already given you a head start in this article. Even if you are familiar with internet memes you'll still likely find a new one. You will not be disappointed.

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