Welcov Healthcare

As one of the nation’s leading providers of senior care services, Welcov Healthcare helps over 3,000 patients get well and go home each year. When they needed a new website to clearly showcase their unique mission and growing communities, they turned to the Minneapolis web design experts at First Scribe.

With a strong background in web design and development for the healthcare industry, First Scribe created a responsive website that specifically addresses the needs of potential patients and loved ones. Starting with a user-friendly sitemap that makes navigation effortless for all visitors, First Scribe created content and designed a website that’s easy to use on any device—especially for Welcov’s older visitors. The design and content are warm and inviting, giving prospective patients a welcoming introduction to Welcov’s wide range of services. Visitors can quickly locate the nearest facility that serves their needs with a simple-yet-powerful location finder that’s equipped with filters and helpful maps.

Welcov Healthcare isn’t your typical nursing home. With their new website from First Scribe, they can help even more patients return to healthy and active lives.

Welcov Healthcare

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