X.commerce Should be on Your Radar

X.Commerce Ecommerce Solution

What Is X.commerce?
X.commerce is set to be the future of how online stores are developed because it will be a one-stop, open-source, solution for retailers and web developers. It also looks to connect the gap from online stores to brick & mortar. X.commerce was developed by eBay and officially announced in the fall of 2011.

eBay's explanation of the platform is as follows:

"X.commerce, an eBay Inc. company, has launched a technology platform to help solve the commerce-related challenges faced by businesses of all sizes. This platform, also called the Fabric, brings together a comprehensive set of commerce-related capabilities and solutions to help business of all sizes, compete and grow.

We’ve also created an ecosystem where businesses, developers, and others contributing commerce-related capabilities, can collaborate, innovate, and define the future of commerce.

These solutions will include customer experience, sales and marketing, payments, order management, CRM, product listing information, ERP, and business management."

Simply, eBay is making it easy and cost effective for you to develop a shopping site under one platform so you don't have to mash together different solutions to get your desired results. They're achieveing these solutions with tools like Magento, PayPal Access and Adobe Omniture.

PayPal Access
An interesting component of the X.commerce platform is PayPal Access, which is a re-imagination of the current PayPal payment process.

The idea behind using PayPal Access on an X.commerce site is it simplifies the checkout process for the customer by eliminating multiple steps in the checkout funnel by using single sign-on.

eBay and PayPal are banking on less abandoned carts which means more conversions and more money for the merchant.

Magento + X.Commerce
Magento is a leading force in eCommerce solutions and it's the platform our team uses for eCommerce sites. We choose to use Magento because it's open-source, delivers powerful tools and keeps up with the pace of the industry.

Having Magento under the X.commerce umbrella will make it easy for you to scale your needs while also having an array of tools to help push conversions.

In addition to scalability, you can expect high-end analytics with Magento. eBay has partnered with Adobe so you have top-tier web analytics (Adobe Omniture) easily integrated into your shopping platform.

Why Should You Care?
Even though X.commerce is only a year old its definitely paving its way to become the best all-around option for commerce online. It will put your business at the forefront of eCommerce technology and give you solid options to help tie together your online and in-store purchases.

Am I saying drop your current setup for this? No. But I am saying you should be keeping an eye on this especially if  more major brands start using the platform.

I'll leave you with a quote from Naveed Anwar who is Head of community for X.commerce that speaks for itself.

Anwar said:

"In order to win in today’s retail it’s not who can invest the most amount of money and who can have best location, it’s about keeping up with the pace of innovation and getting ahead. It’s about having the tools and capabilities to respond and get ahead and keep up with the trends."

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